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Project EIP

Over time, cleaning becomes nominal for most individuals. Complacency, fatigue, and issues are mitigating factors that can affect performance and quality. MASTERCLEAN has created a solution. EIP stands for:


Our service employees are rewarded based on their individual performance at a given facility. Our goal is to provide you, the client with uninterrupted service at the highest level of quality for a period of ninety days, and then repeat that cycle continuously. If the service individuals  meet their ninety day goal without any complaints from the client, then they are entitled  to reward points that they can ultimately use to purchase expensive merchandise, like flat screens, computers, tablets, paid vacations, and more! This concept motivates our crew members  to  not only perform at a high level during the "Honeymoon Period", but throughout the entire ninety day cycle. However, if the client calls and has concerns about the quality of their service, and the issues are substantiated, then that cumulative cycle is reset to 0, and the employee, or employees involved are reprimanded. Naturally this entirely process is documented, and kept on record.


These crucial supervisory tools have been the catapult for our rapid growth and success. We look forward to providing you with a cost-free analysis, or even an on-site demonstration to earn an opportunity to become your Service Solution!